Governor Message

To begin with, It is vital in this day and age of unfairness presented itself to Syria to highlight the endurance shown by Syrians in facing the unfair sanctions, which by all means tapped their potentials into all segments of society throughout six years of conflict so far.


And herein, it comes its unconventional role, In addition to conventionally maintaining a relatively stable exchange rate and curbing inflation, the Central Bank of Syria is on the lookout for drawing the features of anupdated monetary policy that would encourage significant economic balance, more fair rational development, and acting towards stability of financial system.


Real achievements that would contribute to improving the living standards for the widest segment of society can be reached through setting priorities for sound monetary, financial and economic policies in general, and these priorities include enhancement of risk management and safety control, and the usageof its monetary powers and available tools to encourage credit extending for a relative growth and categorization planning to reach sound and well-adjusted economic development during this unprecedented war against the country and the public in the scope of international economic framework unstoppably.


Saying that, the upcoming futureis a preparatory stage to reshape the relation between the Central Bank of Syria and those other entities effected directly or indirectly by its decisions, resolutions and assessments either through supervision and financing, or through the indirect effect of trade, business  and economic environment cooled and customized by the central bank.


Eventually, In addition to the importance of maintaining exchange rate stability, additional efforts will be made by the Bank to establish sufficient structures for the initiation of monetary policies and activation of the in-progress ones to deal with the lingering uncertainties pertaining the economic future and the effects of the destruction and deprivation created by war to be properly a massive part of the reconstruction stage of the land, and to confront the magnitudes of the unfair sanctions that impose daily burdens on the country.