General Data Dissemination System

Syrian Arab Republic has participated formally in the International Monetary Fund's (IMF's) general data dissemination system (GDDS) on December 12, 2007 making a major step forward in the development of the statistical system.

The metadata for Syria was prepared by Official Syrian Statisticians in collaboration with stuff of the international monetary fund IMF with considering the needs of users of statistical data who may not be specialists in statistics, but may want to assess the relevance and quality of particular data sets for their purposes.

Metadata are offered as a concrete example of the type of information and the degree of detail that may be expects from description of current data. It must be known, that the design and contents of GDDS metadata are not immutable, and enhancements over time can be expected, in response to changing need.

Director of the IMF statistics department Robert Edwards welcomed Syria's GDDS participation and observed: "Syria's participation in the GDDS is a milestone in Syria's statistical development participation in the GDDS should allow Syria to take full advantage of the framework to enhance its statistical capacity, this would encourage other countries in the region to follow the same path. The IMF and Middle East Technical Assistance center are ready to farther collaborate with Syria".

The GDDS was established by the IMF in 1997. It provides a frame work to help countries to develop their statistics system to produce comprehensive and accurate statistics for policy making and analysis.

To access the general data dissemination metadata for Syria, please (click here).